Our services

To engineer, design, build and manage assets with precision, exactitude and professionalism. Whether it’s Solar EPC, energy storage, EV chargers, or the evolving distributed generation marketplace, CS Energy will consistently deliver quality and high-value renewable energy solutions to our customers on time, on budget and on schedule.

Our mission is to apply our vast knowledge, experience and expertise to the solar, storage, and emerging energy industries in order to deliver quality solutions that maximize return on investment for our customers.

In all we do, CS Energy delivers quality work to its clients, with the safety of people and communities always the top priority.


Our solar and energy storage systems are designed to balance size, energy production and capital expenditures to generate the highest returns for our customers. We tailor each system to accommodate specific sites and we optimize our designs to provide the most value to our customer - constantly evaluating capex, opex, and system production to determine the best overall solution.


In order to use our and the client’s time efficiently, our procurement process runs in parallel with our design process. Our project teams manage the process seamlessly, from supplier evaluation and solicitation to equipment manufacturing, delivery and installation to warranty and commissioning.


CS Energy’s roots are in construction. That means we know how to execute projects in the real world – on time and on budget. Our careful approach to executing solar projects from preconstruction through close-out focuses on the project’s critical components, ensuring continuity of operations and using our P6 schedule to meet the project’s major milestones in an efficient, safe and qualitative manner. There is no greater proof of the effectiveness of our program than the fact we have never missed a completion date.

Operation and Maintenance

We monitor the performance of every system we install on a 24/7 basis. We also perform regular operations and preventative maintenance services for the customer who wants a hands-free solution.

Project Development

As a complement to our core engineering, procurement and construction business, CS Energy is also engaged in project development with a robust pipeline of self-originated projects and co-development partnerships. We partner with landowners, local communities, utilities and investors to develop and finance good quality projects throughout the US.

Energy Storage

We carefully design, develop, install and operate utility and commercial scale battery storage systems. These systems can be used for renewable integration, energy arbitrage and demand charge reduction or simply can be used for resilient purpose as a backup power.