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Leading renewable energy company that develops, designs and builds optimized projects.

We are leaders in designing and installing utility and commercial scale battery storage systems for various use cases nationally.

Our Energy Storage Experience

Industry leading Engineering Procurement & Construction renewable energy company with over 500 MWh of energy storage projects successfully built to date in seven states

CS Energy's projects are performed to the highest standards of safety, quality, and social responsibility that serve our clients, employees, and communities.

Engineering & Pre-NTP Services

  • In-house teams designing full turnkey standalone storage or solar plus storage configurations.

  • In-house storage simulation modeling to optimize customers storage assets.

  • We design, install, and commission microgrids, standalone storage and solar plus storage systems.

  • Significant experience working with:

    • AC Coupled/DC Coupled energy storage systems with various Utilities
    • NMC/LFP battery technology in container or cabinet solutions
    • Fully integrated containers as well as custom made solutions
    • System level design for fire protection in compliance with NFPA 855 and NFPA 68/69
    • Design options for auxiliary power to maintain required temperatures
    • Design and installation of dry pipe sprinkler system, FACP dialer and secondary containment

Integrators & DORs

  • Developed and implemented standard Division of Responsibilities (“DOR”) with leading top tier storage integrators and BESS OEMs

  • DORs define roles & responsibility to reduce overlap and reduce costs.

  • Our pre-negotiated DORs ensure we can quickly engage with customers to provide accurate pricing, technical review, and guidance.

  • Assist customers with BESS procurement based on use case, site limitations, project design life and fire safety requirements

  • Assist customers in deciding oversizing vs augmentation plan to reduce OPEX cost


  • We help customers appropriately site storage projects, evaluating interconnection, permitting, markets, and incentives.

  • We develop and lead project commissioning across various BESS use cases – including peak shaving, frequency regulation, energy arbitrage, microgrid, black start, and other use cases to avail state/federal incentives.

  • In-house Project Execution team at all levels

  • Pre-NTP planning with tailored execution plans for each project built

  • In-house independent Quality and Safety teams to ensure best practices oversight and audit of the construction life cycle

  • In-house Project Management Office ensuring consistency in processes and project delivery

  • Project meeting IRA prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements

  • Execution expertise to reduce cost risk and schedule risk

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Kevin Magayah - Executive VP of Operations

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