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Solar EPC

What We Do


Leading renewable energy company that develops, designs and builds optimized projects.

We are leaders in designing and building commercial and utility-scale solar projects.

Our Solar Experience

Industry leading Engineering Procurement & Construction renewable energy company with over two decades of C&I and Utility Scale experience.


We provide pre-NTP services to ensure we capture development requirements and set forth a plan to ensure IRA compliance during construction execution while delivering a quality product to our customers.


Our projects are designed to balance size, energy production and capital expenditures to generate the highest returns for our customers. We tailor each system design to drive value for our customer.


  • Review project development documents and utility requirements

  • Internal Engineering team with EOR and IE management & collaboration

  • Project specific optimization to address site specific conditions

  • Accurate Production 3D Modeling accounting for topography

  • Capex evaluation – pros/cons


To execute efficiently our procurement process runs in parallel with our design process. Our in-house Supply Chain team manages the process seamlessly, from supplier pre-qualification, evaluation and solicitation to equipment manufacturing, delivery and installation to warranty and commissioning.


  • In-house Supply Chain team levering buying power to deliver LCOE

  • Early procurement planning and triggers to mitigate market logistics and capacity challenges

  • Equipment selection with customers O&M fleet management in mind

  • Technology agnostic procurement approach aimed at aligning with customer requirements


Our careful approach to executing projects from pre-NTP through close-out focuses on the project’s critical components, ensuring continuity of operations to meet the project’s major milestones in an efficient, safe and qualitative manner.


  • In-house Project Execution team at all levels

  • Pre-ntp planning with tailored execution plans for each project

  • In-house independent Quality and Safety teams to ensure best practices oversight and audit of the construction life cycle

  • In-house Project Management Office ensuring consistency in processes and project delivery

  • Cost risk reduction

  • Schedule risk reduction

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Kevin Magayah - Executive VP of Operations

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