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CS Energy Wins Solar Builder’s Project of the Year Award for Contributions to Convergent’s Project

CS Energy Recognized for Third Consecutive Year

Edison, NJ, December 20, 2022 – CS Energy announced today that Convergent Energy and Power’s Solar-Plus-Storage Non-Wires Alternative for National Grid in Cicero, New York, has won Solar Builder Magazine’s 2022 Editor’s Choice Project of the Year Award. This 10 MW / 40 MWh battery energy storage system is paired with 15 MW DC of solar and is one of the first solar-plus storage systems in the U.S. providing a non-wires alternatives (NWA). The solution represents an innovative model for how utilities can leverage Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to forego costly upgrades and rapidly improve grid reliability, all while reducing utilities’ dependence on gas-fired peaker plants. Convergent’s system provides proof of concept for its more efficient, market-based model of construction-to-term financing for utility-scale solar-plus-storage projects across the nation.

“We’re thrilled that the innovation and complexity of this solar-plus-storage system, and the ingenuity and experience it required, was recognized by the renewable energy industry,” said Lance Dunning, Vice President of Business Development at CS Energy. “We look forward to leading the way on additional critical energy storage projects with great partners like Convergent Energy and Power in 2023 and the years to come.”

“It is an honor to receive Solar Builder Magazine’s Project of the Year Award with our partners at CS Energy and our customer National Grid for our efforts to modernize energy infrastructure and bring sustainable and cost-effective power to communities in New York State,” said Frank Genova, Convergent’s Chief Operating and Financial Officer. “Energy storage is the linchpin of the clean energy transition, “firming” renewable generation so it is available when it is needed most; Convergent Energy and Power is committed to accelerating the clean energy transition through AI-powered energy storage.”

Convergent’s award-winning system is also notable in that it is one of the first in the region to deploy cost-effective and innovative satellite based Distributed Energy Resource Control System (DERMS). Convergent’s technology enables National Grid to seamlessly optimize the system’s operability and efficiency long-term, maximizing the clean energy that is available to local communities.

Constructed by CS Energy near National Grid’s Pine Grove substation, this system now provides cleaner, reliable solar energy to customers served by the substation. National Grid will utilize the system on peak days to provide seamless reliability to customers served by the substation. During off-peak days, Convergent will participate in the market to provide clean energy for National Grid customers.

As a result of this project, New York state is now one large step closer to meeting its targets of 70% renewables by 2030; net zero electricity by 2040; as well as 6 GW of energy storage by 2030. Convergent’s system is part of the state’s $1.8 billion initiative to advance the scale-up of solar while driving costs down and making solar energy more accessible to homes, businesses, and communities. It is also part of National Grid’s clean energy vision, which outlines the pathways the utility will take to ensure net-zero emissions in its operations and a full elimination of fossil fuels from its electric and gas systems by 2050.

Solar Builder Magazine is a reliable source for the most up to date solar news throughout North America. Every year, the magazine receives a myriad of nominations for outstanding solar projects. CS Energy previously won Solar Builder’s Project of the Year Award for its work on the Rockport Maces Pond project in 2021; Solar Builder’s Solar + Storage Project of the Year Award for its work on the Amesbury Landfill project in 2020; as well as Solar Builder’s Gold Project of the Year for its work on the Cuyahoga Landfill project in 2018. In 2022, Solar Builder received a record number of nominations and the Cicero project won Solar Builder’s Editor’s Choice Project of the Year Award. For more details about Solar Builder’s Editor’s Choice Awards, visit:


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