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Rockport Maces Pond Agrivoltaic Project Wins Solar Builder’s Project of the Year Award: CS Energy Pr

National energy firm recognized for its work on first-of-its-kind agrivoltaic project in Maine

Edison, NJ, November 16, 2021 – CS Energy, a leading integrated energy firm that designs and builds optimized projects in the solar, storage and emerging energy industries, announced today that the Rockport Maces Pond Agrivoltaic Community Solar Project has won Solar Builder Magazine’s 2021 Project of the Year Award. This pioneering solar project, owned by Navisun LLC, is co-located on a blueberry farm, and is set to provide the industry with critical research on dual use projects to both enable the proliferation of similar solar projects in the face of dwindling land prospects as well as accelerate farmers’ incomes and local economies. It will produce 5.7 million kWh of clean electricity annually, enough energy to power nearly 500 homes annually.

“We’re thrilled that the complexity of the Rockport Maces Pond project, and the ingenuity and experience required to overcome its unique challenges, were recognized by the renewable energy industry,” said Chris Ichter, Director of Business Development at CS Energy. “Our long-term partners, BlueWave Solar and Navisun, both demonstrated meticulous care in the development and management of this first-of-its-kind agrivoltaic project.” The 4.2 MW Rockport Maces Pond project is notable due to the significant challenges faced during the development and construction process, not only because it is a landmark agrivoltaic project, but also due to the ongoing dual use research that the University of Maine conducted on site during each stage of the project.

CS Energy’s in-house construction and engineering teams meticulously designed and managed three control areas – extremely cautious construction, moderately cautious construction, and standard construction – within a 5-acre site – in order to mitigate damage to, and maintain productivity of, underlying blueberry bushes. The official findings from this project will be published in 2022 to enable interested parties to decipher the most cost effective and efficient ways to co-locate solar energy systems on agricultural sites, particularly blueberry farms.

Previously deemed untenable for solar, this site also featured a rocky sublayer, which posed geotechnical engineering challenges. BlueWave Solar, developer of the project, selected CS Energy for the EPC work due to its exceptional value engineering and track record in services. “CS Energy’s knowledgeable and hardworking team was instrumental in developing and implementing solutions for the significant topographical challenges this project site posed,” said Alan Robertson, Managing Director at BlueWave Solar. “This is the fourth solar project CS Energy has executed for us on time and on budget since 2017 and we look forward to leveraging CS Energy’s expertise in future projects.”

Solar Builder Magazine is a reliable source for the most up-to-date solar news throughout North America. Every year, the magazine receives a myriad of nominations for outstanding solar projects. CS Energy previously won Solar Builder’s Solar + Storage Project of the Year Award for its work on the Amesbury Landfill project in 2020 as well as Solar Builder’s Gold Project of the Year for its work on the Cuyahoga Landfill project in 2018. In 2021, Solar Builder received a record number of nominations and the renewable energy industry collectively voted for the Rockport Maces Pond project to receive Solar Builder’s Project of the Year Award. For more details about the project and the award, visit: Solar Builder Magazine.


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