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CS Energy’s first solar plus storage energy system on a landfill was successfully built on time and on budget.


With 10+ years and over 160 MWs in place, CS Energy has led the nation in landfill solar installations. With expertise in this specialized market segment, CS Energy was able to design, procure and construct their first solar plus storage project located completely on a landfill cap in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

CS Energy worked with Kearsarge Energy to provide engineering, procurement and construction services for a 4.5 MWDC Solar Plus 3.8MWHr Lithium Ion (Li-on) storage solution on a landfill in Massachusetts.

Designing and constructing the storage system for placement directly on the landfill cap required continuous collaboration and coordination between the various engineering parties involved. CS Energy’s expertise in building projects within the allowable limits of the cap design along with the allowable limits Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Post-Closure Use Permit (PCUP), allowed them to design build and commission this fast track solar plus storage project in under four months.

CS Energy’s in-house construction and engineering teams managed a key PCUP requirement, not exceeding the 7-psi ground pressure limit for all activities on the landfill cap. Each construction activity, delivery, including the Energy Storage structure itself, that took place or was placed on the landfill cap was evaluated and designed by CS Energy and approved by an independent engineer for DEP compliance.

The project is a stellar example of how previously untenable space such as a landfill can be converted into a green energy generating field. It will produce 5.2 million kWh of electricity annually.

Amesbury Landfill Solar Plus Storage

Project Size

4.5 MW/ 3.8 MWh

Project Type

Ground Mount + Energy Storage


Amesbury, Massachusetts

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