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CS Energy's first battery storage project was a success for our client and paves the way for future solar + storage opportunities.


Utilizing next-generation battery technology, CS Energy engineered and constructed a battery energy storage system interconnected to the PJM grid for use in the Frequency Regulation Market.

CS Energy constructed the battery energy storage system (BESS) which supplied loss of grid power to Aqua’s water treatment facility as well as the provision of 800kW of frequency regulation ancillary services to PJM. This project allowed for the continuous operation of the water treatment facility during grid outages as well as local grid stabilization measures for PJM. The system serves two client’s needs while providing a steady revenue stream for the system owner.

The BESS was interconnected to Aqua’s water treatment plant at a voltage of 2.4 kV AC utilizing a 2.4 kV Switchgear. In addition, as part of PECO’s interconnection requirements, a neutral grounding transformer was installed at on the plant’s incoming feeder to make it effectively grounded.

The entire system was controlled via a sophisticated SCADA system which operated the BESS in loss of grid mode or frequency regulation mode. This switching utilized high-speed disconnect switches while the system set voltage and frequency as a lead or followed grid voltage and frequency in lag mode.

Battery Energy Storage System

Project Size

2.4 kV - 800kW

Project Type

Energy Storage


King of Prussia, PA

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