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CS Energy was successful in meeting the targeted mechanical completion on all projects and did it with outstanding safety record and highest quality standards.


Eversource, the largest utility in NH, MA and CT, was approved by their state regulators to develop, construct and operate 44MW of solar facilities across all of MA to directly save their rate payers money.

In the project, CS Energy was chosen to build 44MW across fifteen Solar Projects, ten of which were commissioned in 2017. The remaining five projects were commissioned in first half of 2018. CS’s scope was to Engineer, Procure, Construct and Commission the projects. With this, the primary goal of the Eversource Portfolio was to save rate payers money by building cost competitive solar projects.

All projects regardless of their start date, needed to be mechanically complete by the end of December 2017. CS Energy was successful in meeting this milestone and did it with outstanding safety record and highest quality standards.

Compared to other projects, this portfolio faced varied challenges resulting from an aggressive timeline of developing a project to its mechanical completion. Typically, a solar project’s development cycle is two years in MA before it goes through the EPC phase, but these projects were fast-tracked and were being developed and built in a compressed timeline. This required intense collaboration with the owner, its development and consultant teams, CS’s vendors and subcontractors.

Eversource Solar Portfolio

Project Size

44 MW

Project Type

Ground Mount, Landfill, Carport Arrays



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