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CS Energy was able to complete all projects on time despite the abundance of regulatory regulations required to perform the solar installations on the landfills.


With a mission to make energy affordable to all this IPP develops, finances, constructs, owns, and operates projects that generate green energy, produce a positive local economic impact, and create local jobs.

CS Energy was contracted to engineer, procure, and construct a total of 43 MW portfolio of projects in Massachusetts and New York. The portfolio consists of a total of 13 projects, 11 of which were located on landfills.

The ground mount installations were performed on steep slopes which required the team to worked diligently to overcome challenges associated with stormwater management and vegetation growth. The team also navigated racking foundation installation in ledge and worked through Northeast winter conditions to complete the builds.

The balance of projects was on landfills, which in addition to requiring unique construction execution techniques to avoid compromising the integrity of the landfill cap it also required a lot of involvement and coordination with regulatory bodies such as the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

One of the landfill sites was a former chemical waste dump superfund site and another was the byproduct an old foundry sand from a manufacturing process. The sensitive nature of the sites required specialized execution plans to complete the solar installations. Installing the ballast blocks on undulating slopes required upfront engineering and design to build the appropriate leveling pads to support the racking.

The team worked through these challenges and completed the projects on time whilst adhering to regulations and restrictions that were in place.

Executed Three Portfolios for a Non-Profit IPP

Project Size

43 MW

Project Type

Landfill & Ground Mount Arrays


Massachusetts & New York

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