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CS Energy completed construction of the Mount Olive landfill solar project on schedule with close coordination with NJR Clean Energy Ventures (CEV), the owner and operator of the array, and CEP Renewables, the developer.


The Mount Olive project is the largest solar project ever developed on a capped landfill in the U.S.

Consisting of approximately 57,000 ground-mounted solar panels built with union labor, this 25.6 megawatt (MW) array helped transform a U.S. EPA Superfund site into clean energy capable of powering more than 4,000 homes annually. The project also enabled the township to recoup nearly $2.3 million in past taxes.

The developer purchased the property by way of the redevelopment and tax lien foreclosure process. This unique approach was recognized by the New Jersey League of Municipalities with an Award for Innovation in Governance.

One of the key challenges, which required robust value engineering and site optimization is the fact that the array, is located on a sensitive landfill cap that cannot be pierced. Extensive landfill settlement analyses were required prior to design the project and develop site access plans to ensure maximum solar generation, while simultaneously preserving the landfill cap. The developer, EPC and suppliers worked together to mitigate project costs by reducing the concrete blocks needed by 50%. As a result, this project was safely completed on time and on budget. This project effectively turned underutilized space into clean energy for thousands of homes in New Jersey and a revenue generating asset. Beneficial use projects like this also support the state’s clean energy and emissions reduction goals.

The Mount Olive landfill solar project received POWER Magazine’s Top Renewable Energy Plant of the Year Award and the Best Project Award of Merit in the Energy/Industry category from the Engineering-News Record.

Mount Olive Landfill Solar

Project Size

25.6 MW

Project Type

Landfill Ground Array


Mount Olive Township, NJ

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