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Despite of the topography challenges, CS Energy was able to maintain our project production and project schedule in the field.


CS Energy was contracted to design, procure and install a 24.0 MW ground mounted array in Spencer, New York for Solar Farms NY.

The Pasto Solar project is part of New York State’s largest community solar project portfolio. This New York Community Solar portfolio consists of five separate sites in Tioga county. Pasto Solar is the largest solar site in Spencer and is 24 megawatts in size.

The Pasto Solar project entailed clearing approximately 80 Acres of land prior to commencement of the racking installation. The project site provided topographic challenges from a design and construction perspective due to its steep and undulating slopes. CS Energy worked closely with the Client and racking manufacturer to maximize the DC capacity across the changing terrain. The project itself was split into three (3) separate main array fields and five (5) interconnection locations, requiring significant control and co-ordination of deliveries, staging and construction activities.

CS Energy worked closely with the Client to consolidate the original design of eight (8) Interconnections down to five (5) Interconnections with the local utility (NYSEG), yielding significant cost savings for the Client. NYSEG reviewed and approved the design.

With only one way in and out of the respective array fields, site logistics, material handling and phasing was a challenge. The team collectively worked with the Client, Landowner and a variety of Subcontractors throughout the project to navigate and complete the project on time.

Pasto Solar

Project Size

24 MW

Project Type

Ground Mount Array


Spencer, NY

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